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Archival Metadata

Where possible we have added metadata (tags of information) to set the images into context. The collection was only catalogued in a basic fashion so if you have information about where an image was taken or what the subject of the image is please email us and we will add this to the database. Please ensure that you include the image archive reference with your information.

Archive Reference:

This is the archival reference for the image. Please use this in any correspondence regarding the image and it's associated details and if you are requesting a license to use the image.

Image Title:

Bentley Beetham catalogued a vast number of the images in the collection with short titles. In general the text here is the original text used by Bentley Beetham

Image Notes:

This information supplements that in the image title and is information added from numerous sources. Information is constantly being added to this section but with nearly 2000 images in the collection it is a long process. If you have information about an image that you think is pertinent and helps to explain please email us with the image reference number and your suggested information along with source and any relevant citation information and we will endeavour to add it to the database.


A basic theme for the picture.


The basic subject of the picture


General geographical area that the image was taken.


Anyone who can be identified is included in this section.


This is a web optimised version of the image held on archive. If you wish to use this image in any capacity please refer to the terms and conditions of use and copyright statement.

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